Sources have just confirmed that QB Tom Brady has in fact filed for a BVLOS operations waiver for the rest of the NFL Playoffs. Brady claims the FAA has been intently questioning him over the past few months. “They keep asking me if I can really maintain visual line of sight of the football at all times. I’ve told them I can see it just fine, but after this last game, they no longer believe me. They repeatedly remind me that every time I let go of that football, it’s in the national airspace and subject to FAA regulations until the football is caught.”

The FAA confirmed their concerns with Brady’s arm, “Like many drone operators, Brady doesn’t realize the threat that airborne objects pose to manned aviation. And that threat is great amplified when the operator (or quarterback in this case) can’t directly see that object. We’d prefer if he would request a waiver for his BVLOS operations.”

Brady has since announced that he will comply with the request and has filed for a waiver. As part of the request, Brady will no longer throw above 400 ft and the Patriots will have spotters at the top of the stadium to warn manned aircraft during long plays. The Patriots have committed to maintaining a safe airspace around the stadium.

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