GoPro CEO Nick Woodman introduces the new foldable Karma drone during a press event in Olympic Valley, California on September 19, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / JOSH EDELSON

SAN MATEO, CA – In a shocking move, GoPro has announced they are shutting down their drone division to focus on manned aviation. The company plans to release their first autonomous manned drone as early as next year.

GoPro CEO was quoted as saying, “The Karma was a huge success for us, but the market is just too competitive at the hobby level. So we decided to think bigger and came up with the manned drone – an industry first. Now people won’t have to fly the drone themselves, they can focus on living it and let us do the work.”

Investors responded with skepticism as the original Karma drone had its fair share of problems, including falling out of the sky mid-flight. But GoPro assured them, “Don’t worry, we’ve gained a lot of experience with the Karma, such as how to properly connect batteries, and this time we will likely do some flight testing before launch. We’ve also got some better names lined up – Karma probably wasn’t the smartest move.”

GoPro insists that this new manned drone will cater to its core customers who like to live dangerously and try new things.

“Oh, and it will of course come with a HERO23 camera attachment so you can capture your crashes flights in 8k 360 VR, ” he added. “And certainly everyone that steps into our new manned drone will – Be a Hero.”

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