UNITED STATES – After DJI launched a new knowledge quiz last month, it didn’t take long for pilots to become competitive and start posting top scores across the drone community. Many have spent countless hours studying to become a true expert at drone regulations. We reached out to some of the top stars to hear their story.

“The first time I received the invite to try the knowledge quiz, I was out in the field ready to fly,” says Brian Stecker. “It caught me off guard, but I figured it was a great chance to improve my drone knowledge. I actually only got about half correct the first time around, so I decided to take some time off to study.” Now, several weeks later, Stecker is among the top ranked pilots for the infamous quiz.

For others, it was a bit easier. John Stevens is a commercial airline pilot who also holds a remote pilot rating and has been flying drones for almost 10 years. “I actually passed the first time,” he says. “But even though I knew all the answers, it was certainly a good refresher. Hopefully the quiz pops up more often to keep me on my toes.”

Sean White, another stand out scorer, admits the quiz was a major factor in his decision to buy a DJI drone. “With other drones manufacturers, I can’t rely on them to make sure that I am fully prepared to fly and understand the rules. It should be up to the manufacturer to educate the pilots, especially for those of us in the commercial space. Only DJI does that, and that’s why I stick with DJI.”

Rumor has it that DJI is looking to add an in person interview to the Knowledge Quiz, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

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