LONG BEACH, CA – Local resident David Welsh just joined tens of thousands of other people nationwide by receiving his official Part 107 pilot license for drones from the FAA. But unlike most other pilots, Welsh has a unique background – he has never actually flown a drone! Welsh was only required to pass a short exam, which he studied for the night before. Now, he is fully licensed to operate drone in a commercial environment.

When interviewed, Welsh commented, “I figured it would be good to have the license in my back pocket. It’s nice to know that I can now go perform critical infrastructure inspections and search and rescue if I choose. It can’t be that hard to fly, I’m sure i’ll figure it out when the time comes. I mean, manned pilots don’t have to fly for their license either, right?”

The Aviation Acorn reached out to the FAA for comment on this odd process. “We decided against requiring any actual flight time for the Part 107 license. Being able to safely operate a drone didn’t seem very important in the industrial environment. As long as a pilot knows where they can’t fly, we’re comfortable nothing could possibly go wrong,” an FAA spokesperson replied. “We’ve taken all the learning from the manned aviation and applied them to unmanned systems. You don’t see any accidents today, right?”

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  1. this is not a single case….. I am getting more and more 107 licensed pilots in the bay area who have never flown a UAV. SAD but those are the rules. well that will all change


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