CHARLOTTE, NC – For most pilots, the standard 4.3-mile range of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro is more than enough. But for hobbyist James Spearman, it’s often the limiting factor when he flies long distance. So when Spearman learned about a range booster kit offering up to 2x the range, it didn’t take long for him to add one to his drone setup – giving him up to 8 miles of freedom.

Spearman is also very careful to strictly follow the hobbyist drone rules, including flying only within line of sight. He credits his excellent eyesight with allowing him to fly at such long distances. “For most people, they might be stuck at a mile or two of visual range, but my eyes can go for miles,” – Spearman

Some pilots have expressed skepticism that it’s possible to see a drone that far out. But whenever someone asks if he can still see his drone, Spearman just calmly lifts his hand, points in the sky, and say, “Yeah, it’s right there”, and then quickly glances down at his remote.

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