SHENZHEN, China – Due to continued demand from customers, DJI is finally launching a new “China-only” mode to send back all data from drone flights to China. DJI confirmed, “We were getting many requests from customers about how they could send us more data, so we’ve finally given them that option.”

For convenience, the option is turned on by default, but pilots that wish to be selfish and not share can turn it off by simply emailing DJI after going through an in app authorization process and updating the firmware. However, several testers noted that there are still some bugs to be worked out, such as the China-only mode automatically turning on in certain geographical areas, such as near Federal buildings.

When asked what DJI would do with the data, DJI responded, “We highly respect everyone’s privacy, so this data will be anonymized and used only for making our products even better.”

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