HOUSTON, TX – A local drone pilot is still waiting for his DJI Phantom 4 to return to home after nearly 8 hours. Early this morning, Gavin Williams went out to fly his brand new Phantom in the local canyons. When he didn’t return after a few hours, a friend called to see if everything was ok.

Gavin calmly replied, “Everything is fine, I’m just waiting for my drone to return home. Apparently it’s taking the scenic route.”

According to Gavin’s friend, after flying for around 10 minutes, Gavin briefly lost sight of the drone. When he couldn’t spot it soon after, he activated the “Return to Home” feature on the drone, which brings it back home.

Experts suggest that the drone may have malfunctioned and crashed, but that hasn’t damped the spirit of Gavin, who insists that is impossible.

“DJI builds the best technology. It might be slow sometimes, but this drone will find it’s way back. And I’ll be waiting for it right here.”

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