When 16 year old drone pilot Alex Jones noticed smoke coming from a nearby hill, he instantly sprang into action. A seasoned drone hobbyist with 2 months of flying, he knew he was well equipped to aid the firefighters in their battle against the growing fire. Grabbing his DJI Phantom 3,  he went outside and took off in the direction of the crew.

“I knew those firefighters could use a hand. If I could just live-stream the fire to YouTube, surely that would help put out the fire much quicker”, Jones reported after the incident.

Several people in the vicinity voiced concerns over the drone when fire helicopters entered the area, but Alex was confident his flying skills wouldn’t intervene.

“It’s not like this is the first time I’ve used a drone.  Apparently people just aren’t comfortable with drones” he added. “I wasn’t trying to be a hero, but someone had to help”

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