Like many DJI owners, Billy Stein was excited to hear about the new firmware release for his Phantom 3. However, after he tried going through the simple upgrade process, his drone would no longer turn on.

As Billy explained, “They made it really easy. All you had to do was download and install the driver, download the firmware, update the controller, connect the controller to the drone, update the DJI GO App, restart the controller, install the drone firmware, and restart the drone seven times.”

It was then that he ran into trouble and realized his drone would no longer turn on. After contacting DJI support, he was told that he should have updated the drone before the controller, and now unfortunately his drone was bricked. When Billy asked how he could downgrade, he was told that was not supported by DJI at this time.

“Well, I guess I learned my lesson. I should’ve paid closer attention to the instructions”, he added.

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