WASHINGTON, DC – In the wake of a recent decision by the US Court of Appeals to strike down the FAA’s drone registration requirement, pressure has mounted for the FAA to refund the $5 paid by hundreds of thousands of operators. Unfortunately, the FAA claims that the majority of that revenue has already been spent on retreats in Hawaii, so instead of giving the money back, the FAA is offering to buy ice cream for any operator that registered their drone.

The FAA Administrator explained, “We aren’t really in a position to refund the $5 to that many people, but if any operator stops by the office, we’ll take them out for ice cream as our way of saying sorry.”

Thousands of operators have already planned trips out to Washington to take the administrator up on his offer. Adam Wisemore said it best, “We really just need some closure after this difficult time. The FAA made some bad decisions, but clearly they are reaching out to operators to make peace. I can appreciate that, especially because I love ice cream!”

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